Monday, May 16, 2011

16 weeks - I have two penises in me!!!

OMG I have made it to 16 weeks!!! I am starting to be scared less and less. I think this might really happen for us! I am fully sporting a baby bump and even got 2 belly rubs last week. I was in shock i think. The first one was a friend from high schools girlfriend, she rubbed it and said "oh the girls at work say they hate that! Do you hate it too?" (she is a nurse) ... uhhhhhh yeeeeessssssss!!!! But I couldnt bring myself to say it! Normally I am beyond brutally honest and I am "that girl" that would actually have the balls to rub the persons belly back. But I couldnt do it. She was so sweet and excited for me, and honestly - I think i am just so damned happy to have this bump!!

I cant believe how much has changed in such a short time. I took picts of myself at 11w, 13w and 15w.. I wish two things. 1) that I would have started sooner. 2) that I would have taken them somewhere other than my work bathroom! gross!!! But I kept forgetting and I would remember on Weds during the bumps Wednesday "Hump day Bump day!" when i was at work. So. Maybe if i figure out how to insert pictures on here i will do that soon.

We did an elective ultrasound at 14 weeks and found out that we are having 2 little boys!!! I dont even know what to think of that! I am so used to all things girly girl so I guess I need to wrap my brain around rambunctious little boys! Right now we are absolutely stumped on names. I had my girl names already narrowed down. But naming 2 boys seems impossible to me right now!