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For some reason blogger wouldnt let me post things. I have no idea if this will post or not. I had a long, thoughtful post for 19w that would NOT post no matter what I did and I got all pissy and left. I dont even think it saved anywhere.

So here I try again.

Today we went to a multiples class. "What to expect when expecting multiples" it was supposed to be taught by a L&D nurse that is a mom to twins about pregnancy, delivery and the first year with twins and parenting. I was looking forward to it! Well guess what, the lady went on vacation. There was seriously 1 class in the 6 months time period since I started looking and she cant make it to the one class? Some other woman took her place and ... well she was not good. I think i might call someone and complain. I mean sure, that woman tried her best, but it was not what I paid for.

oh well.

These babies are getting pretty crazy lately. They wiggle and squirm and kick.. It is pretty insane. I am so astonished by how different it feels from my first pregnancy. My daughter had an anterior placenta, so I guess I didnt feel her as much. But with two in there, I feel like I am in one of those alien movies where I am just a host body with aliens in me or some shit.

It's interesting because I feel like I can see them... my brain analyzes the movements and creates a vision of what they are doing. Baby movements. At our level 2 u/s this week we learned they both have hair! I guess I havent really given much thought to what they look like, but it feels so strange to know they have hair! OH and we were also given a c/s date! Oct 11! So, unless I go into labor on my own, they will be born that day!

I may or may not have had a panic attack.. I just cant believe how close that seems yet how far away too. I feel like we have so much to do, but I dont even know what. We have the nursery furniture set up but nothing at all on the walls. I have a creative block and cant think of what to do!

Overall I am feeling pretty good, everything seems right on tract. My OB says everything is pretty damn near perfect as far as a twin pregnancy goes. Sure, I am exhausted, uncomfortable a lot of the time and I cant sleep for shit.. but I am so very happy to be where I am. I am grateful every day for beating IF and for these two precious lives we have been blessed with!

Things that have happened since my last post:
* My dog of 13 years died in my arms. RIP Dexter... the best dog anyone could ever even dream of having and i miss him every single day! Losing a best friend combined with pg emotions is something else...
* My parents came up from GA three different times in July for various events they had going on. We got to see them each time!
* We cleared out our spare room and painted it, moved our daughter in there, cleared out her room and started prepping it for the nursery. Ordered, rec'd and set up all the nursery furniture.
* I have been bargain shopping my heart out. My local message board has been a good resource as are the garage sales I hit up this summer. I have a really good amount of 0-3m clothes!
* I have about 500 diapers thanks go my obsession with finding good deals on amazon mom :) I think I need to take a break. I have no idea how many i need.

i dont even know what else :)
I am going to bed!

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